Sabine Faust, alias Bini, born in 1961 in Stuttgart.
Studies painting and graphic design.
Artdirector Jeton Records Stuttgart.

1985 - 1994 Stuttgart/Cologne/Berlin. Singer and songwriter of the rockbands D.Cay and Bad Fun.
Concerts with The New Model Army, The Fall, Die Aerzte and others...
Various concert tours through Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands...

Graphic design for independent music labels and promotors.

1994 birth of her daughter Linda Luna.

Together with her former bass player and current husband Bini runs a company
for sound technology and acoustics. Equipping Loveparade trucks, engineering concert sound,
measuring room acoustics.

1998 move to Mallorca.
Birth of her second daughter Emma Lou.

Return to painting. Inspiration by the omnipresent moorish and african culture on the island.
Bini developes "modern tribal art".

2000 move to Berlin.

2001 diagnosis Multiple Sclerosis.

Idea and artistic care of SAGEMARKET, dominical art and fashion designer's market
on the area of the SAGE CLUB, Berlin.

2003 Bini's husband dies because of lung cancer at the age of 40.

Due to the big mental and physical pressure of being a widow and a mom of 2 small kids the
syptoms of MS increase drastically.

The following two years she had to walk with a stick, since 2006 she is sitting in a wheelchair.



"Many meditations and thousands of questions for the sense of it later I begin to anticipate the truth behind all.
What does the illness give to me? Which already chronically (!) stamped out paths I have to leave?
And - do I have the strength to turn every single stone of this path to see what lies underneath?
And – who tells me I am recompensed for it with walking?

It remains exciting..."


The newly won life full of calmness (sometimes), understanding oneself and spirituality
compensate many adversities already and it is a persistant source for Bini’s positive energy and creativity.